Rick Lindholm, President
Rick Lindholm has made a name for himself through a distinctive combination of academic discipline, dedication to absolute accuracy, and a real-world grounding in business. Every project Rick touches involves research at some level. Still, the Lindholm team is not a standard research firm.

Rick’s academic accomplishments include completing two Ph.D. programs, in History and in Economics, at the University of Chicago, and writing his dissertation under the supervision of a 1993 Nobel laureate. He subsequently taught Business Forecasting and Finance to upper division undergraduate and M.B.A. students at the University of Oregon’s business school – Lundquist College of Business - from 1988 through 1999 before leaving the classroom to pursue a career in research and data analysis.

In addition to leading Lindholm Company, Rick owns and manages Lindholm Research. He is actively involved in the US-Thai Distance Learning Organization.

Pat Farr, Associate (on leave)
Over the course of three decades Pat has been championing causes ranging from homelessness and hunger to education and public safety, serving as a catalyst for change in these realms through keen insight and quiet determination, compassion and moral conviction.

Pat’s public service resume is extensive, including serving on the Bethel School Board, as Oregon State Representative and Eugene City Council vice-president and president. He has worked on the Homelessness and Youth Committee, the Human Rights Commission and the Human Services Committee. He has actively worked to support local small businesses, education programs and public safety. He currently serves on the Oregon Food Bank board of directors, the Oregon Hunger Relief Task Force and the Oregon Commission for Child Care.

His employment history includes nearly two decades working in managerial roles and as human resource director of Jerry’s Home Improvement Center—which grew under his leadership to become the world’s largest store of its kind. Pat subsequently managed the local All In One True Value hardware stores, and was General Manager of Gray’s Garden Centers.

He recently retired from his high-profile three-year tenure as Executive Director of FOOD for Lane County, Oregon’s second largest food bank—where he transformed a financially troubled nonprofit into a thriving, fiscally sound social service agency.

Scott Kinney

Worrawan Chun

Preecha Anuvattanachai

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